Sara Wave Krystal TRP RO

1.  Polypropylene 5 micron filter cartridge to remove physical impurities from raw water.
2.  Coconut shell active carbon inline filter cartridge, It removes odour, smell and colour from raw water.
3.  Carbon block filter it removes chlorine and organic impurities from raw water.
4.  Reverse Osmosis membrane removes dissolved impurities from raw water.
5.  Alkaline mineral cartridge / post carbon filter which gives us healthy drinking water.
6. It can save 100%* of water with Aqua Revive Technology.

13,900 16,500

Product Description

  • Water storage tank 7 Ltrs.
  • Transparent water Storage tank to visualise available quantity of water.
  • Led indicators to check system status.
  • Dual Mode : Table Top / Hanging.
  • ABS food grade storage tank and cabinet quality.

Product Specifications